Postgres-XC Patch Submission and Adoption Process

  1. Everybody can submit patches.   They can be submitted throught developers mailing list.
  2. Patches should be reviewed by developers.  They have a chance to advice or update it, or ask for improvements.
  3. If a committer feels it's ready to commit, he/she should announce that it's going to be committed and should give at least 24 hours to further inputs from everybody.


As of March 19th, 2013, the committers are as follows:

  • Ashutosh Bapat
  • Abbas Butt
  • Amit Khandekar
  • Satoshi Nagayasu
  • Michael Paquier
  • Koichi Suzuki

New Committers

There is no defined process for how new committers are selected. Typically, candidates will have sent many good patches over a longer period of time. Then, existing committers or the core team will propose making the person a committer. The final approval is done by the core team.