What we've determinedEdit

As in Laptop configuration, we've assigned the following:

  1. Work directory: /home/postgresxc/pgxc/coord1 and /home/postgresxc/pgxc/coord2
  2. Node name: coord1 and coord2
  3. Port number: 20004 and 20005

The configuration is very similar to GTM configuration. Now configure coord1 first and the coord2.

You can create the template of coord1 as follows:

$ initdb --nodename=coord1 -D /home/postgresxc/pgxc/coord1

Please note that we specify the node name here. Then you configure coord1 like:

$ cat >> /home/postgresxc/pgxc/coord1/postgresql.conf << EOF
gtm_port = 20001
port = 20004
pooler_port = 20008

All the configuration parameters are set but there's one we're not familiar with. Pooler_port is another port number which every coordinator needs. Here, we assing another unique port number. Please do not forget to assign this to proper value. Of course, you can use your favorite text editor here.

You should do the similar thing with coord2.

$ initdb --nodename=coord2 -D /home/postgresxc/pgxc/coord2
$ cat >> /home/postgresxc/pgxc/coord2/postgresql.conf << EOF
gtm_port = 20001
port = 20005
pooler_port = 20009

That's it! You configured all the coordinators.