What we've determinedEdit

As in Laptop configuration, we've assigned the following:

  1. Work directory: /home/postgresxc/pgxc/gtm
  2. Node name: gtm
  3. Port number: 20001

First, we create template of GTM as follows:

$ initgtm -Z gtm -D /home/postgresxc/pgxc/gtm

initgtm creates template configuration file for gtm. For details, please visit initgtm document page.

Now you should add node name and port number to the configuration file, gtm.conf.

It is very simple. Do as follows:

$ cat >> /home/postgresxc/pgxc/gtm/gtm.conf << EOF
nodename = 'gtm'
port = 20001

You can do the same thing using your favorite text editor like vi or emacs. With them, you will find many example lines of the configuration file.

You finished your GTM configuration. Very simple.

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