Bug FixesCharterCommit Process
ConfigurationConfigure CoordinatorsConfigure Datanodes
Configure GTMConfigure Server CoordinatorsConfigure Server Datanodes
Configure Server GTMConfigure Server GTM ProxiesContrib
Datanode HA configurationDesign DocsDevelopers
Embedded FunctionsGTM-Proxy HA configurationGTM-Standby
GTM.conf file and long optionGTM Standby ConfigurationGTM restart point
High AvailabilityHow to maintain Web pagesHow to recover original repo
Ideas and ProposalsLaptop configurationMembers
Merging with PostgreSQLNode Identification, Sub-clusters & Node Addition/RemovalPostgres-XC Node Addition and Removal
Postgres-XC WikiPostgres-XC backup/restore and upgradingPostgres-XC code contribution to PostgreSQL
Project logosReal Server configurationReconnect GTM-Proxy
Reference ManualRelease policyRepeatable Read and Serializable isolation level
SQL designSession parameters: SET, DISCARD, RESETSubclustering XC
Synchronous streaming replicationTIPSTemporary Materials
WITH Clause supportXC Watchdog
File:20120515 PGXC Tutorial global.pdfFile:20120515 PGXC Tutorial global 1.pdfFile:Example.jpg
File:Forum new.gifFile:PG-2 Architecture.pdfFile:PG-XC Architecture.pdf
File:Postgres-XC 20100521.pdfFile:Postgres-XC 20110711 01.pdfFile:Prague Presentation 20121024.pdf
File:Release policy PG-XC Release Policy Diagram.pdfFile:Release policy PG-XC Release Policy Diagram 00.pngFile:Sub-cluster.pdf
File:Xc banner 1024x128.pngFile:Xc banner 468x60.pngFile:Xc banner 728x90.png
File:Xc icon 125x125.pngFile:Xc icon 73x73.png

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